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Get paid for driving your personal vehicle for business. Maximize your tax deduction. Great for Uber Eats, Grubhub, Lyft drivers who want to take tax deduction.

The 4 MINUTE Driving LOG

Our mileage log generator is the fastest way to create a driving log! Don't mess with apps that share your data or require months of tracking. Create a mileage log today in minutes.

IRS Approved

Our logs are generated in IRS Approved format. We help people everyday respond to audits with professionally generated driving logs.

We have helped thousands of people create IRS approved driving logs

Pass your audit with flying colors by making a detailed driving log of your driving habits.  It only takes 4 minutes to make a log for an entire year!

Our Driving Log Generator is fast and easy to use.  No apps to install and run in the background.  Make a log today – don’t waste your time with apps that require months of tracking.

Do you have multiple vehicles you need logs for?  Did you change vehicles during the year and need logs for both?  We can handle that!

We’ve helped people just like you create driving logs that were successfully submitted and accepted.  Let us help you create the driving log you need.

If you drive your personal vehicle for business. You deserve the largest tax deduction possible.

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Autopopulate drives

Our sophisticated Autopopulate tool makes it easy to make daily, weekly or monthly recurring drives.  Create a driving log in a few clicks for an entire year!

Strong audit protection

Our logs have helped thousands of people pass audits.  If you take a tax deduction for driving mileage, you need a professional tool for creating mileage logs.

accepted worldwide

Our driving logs are approved for submission to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and many more around the world.


Cloud Based

Access your driving log from anywhere in the world.  Never lose your mileage log due to a crashed hard-drive, stolen or lost computer or other disaster.

secure and discrete

Our system is secured by 256-bit encryption to keep your mileage log information safe.  Our driving logs are not branded with our company information to keep your log creation discrete and private.

Better than tracking apps

Don’t fiddle with apps that require you to provide your exact location to 3rd parties.  (MileIQ is owned by Microsoft, right??)   Create a driving log in minutes that meets your need using our Mileage Log Maker.

We help you get the driving log you need.

Taxes and audits are stressful.  Don’t waste another minute with Apps or spreadsheets.  Our Driving Log Maker is used by  Uber/Lyft drivers, realtors, medical sales reps, and self-employed business people around the globe.

Make a Driving Log in minutes for an entire year!

Expressmileage driving Log Maker


Most frequent questions and answers

Our tool asks a series of questions about your driving habits and builds a log that matches your driving patterns.  You’ve got to try it to believe how easy it is to use!

Our Mileage Log System is free to try.  You only purchase the log when you are completely satisfied with the log you have created and are ready to download.

We help people everyday pass their tax audits by allowing our customers to create highly detailed driving logs that are in tax-compliant formats.  These logs are an extremely valuable part of your submission in response to a tax audit.

Easy.  You take your business miles driven and multiply by the Standard Rate (see rates).  This value is the amount of tax deduction you can take on your taxes.  

In order to take this deduction, you must have a Mileage Log that shows that you kept track of your business miles.  Make a mileage log now in 4-minutes!

We have a team of experts who can assist you in getting an IRS approved format log created in a matter of minutes.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We’re here to help!

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